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Nestled between the villages of Nice and Lucerne Ceago Vinegarden spans three quarters of a mile along the shores of gorgeous Clear Lake.  Bordering Lake and Mendocino Counties, Clear Lake sits above Napa Valley at 1400 ft. Sunny Mediterranean conditions make our area a perfect location for your special occasion. When thinking of your event location consider Ceago as a destination, you will enjoy your day while sharing the lifestyle of an intimate, luxurious family-owned and operated Biodynamic Winery and estate.

While private event accommodations and possibilities are virtually limitless, here are three popular areas of our estate that can serve you and your guests. For the largest groups all three rooms can be opened to one another. Large wooden doors open into the covered area on one side of the Pomo Room and glass doors on the opposite side reveal not only the views but allow for accommodating the open courtyard to be a part of the space. Our magical property with all its grandeur has the flexibility to create a destination of your dreams.

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